Banque de la République d’Haïti (BRH)

Building Resilience & Growing Infrastructure Capabilities

With work that began with relief efforts in 2011 after the earthquake in Port Au Prince in 2010, Carrollton has been helping build resilience for the Federal Reserve (Central) Bank in Haiti for quite some time.

Beginning in 2016, Carrollton scoped out and then implemented a Point-to-point (PTP) and Point-to0Multi-Point (PTMP) network across the entire Ouest province where the Bank has most of its facilities, including its headquarters.

In January and February of 2017, the BRH system connectivity went live installed throughout Port Au Prince and all of the Ouest Department.  In 2019 this system is being expanded and will become part of a private cloud infrastructure that the Bank will use for its internal and external operations as well as eventually as a leased-out option for Government of Haiti ministries to be able to utilize.