Carrollton is the 1377th Fastest Growing Company in America

We’re so thrilled to be featured on the INC5000 Fastest Growing Companies List for 2015. You can view our INC profile here.

What’s even more important than our own growth as a company is the growth of our city, state and region. Carrollton CEO Chris Reade was recently quoted in Biz Magazine. He spoke about Hurricane Katrina and the city’s amazing growth in the ten years since disaster struck.

“About ten years ago we sponsored the Louisiana Technology Council’s first CIO Forum. As a major sponsor I had the chance to give a short introduction to the meeting. I cheekily (in hindsight) entitled my presentation “Is There A Technology Industry in New Orleans?” In the presentation I argue that the community existed, was growing, and would one day be something other people and cities would notice.

That did eventually happen. For three years running [2010-2013] New Orleans was the American city with the largest percentage of growth in IT-related jobs. Companies like Gameloft, a French video game studio, and GE Capital, their innovation in technology arm, set up shop in the New Orleans CBD. Since then, the question of “what’s next” has come to be a refrain. We’re got the talent pool, albeit we focus more on importation than local growth. We’ve got an excellent tax incentive structure. We have some national recognition. [Check out GNO, Inc.’s list of accolades for the New Orleans Region]

I have been a believer in the capacity of New Orleans to be a hub of innovation and technology through very dark days, when people looked at me like there was something wrong with me when I said I moved my tech company from New York to New Orleans. Now we have the makings of something great and a lot of people are taking notice – its time to deliver.”

Carrollton has been able to grow because of renewed interest and trust in Louisiana’s ability to deliver exceptional technology. Our clients come from around the country, and they demand and receive the same service and attention to detail that they would receive in Washington D.C., Boston, or Silicon Valley. We know this to be true of the 39 other Louisiana companies which also made the INC5000 list – many of them are clients, partners and friends. There is growth in other Gulf States as well – both Alabama and Mississippi had 10+ companies on the list. Our region is saying loud and clear that we are open for business.

Congratulations, and thank you. We’re thrilled to be honored for our growth, and are looking forward to outpacing ourselves in 2015 and 2016. The sky truly is the limit for these amazing firms.