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Carrollton is the 1377th Fastest Growing Company in America

We’re so thrilled to be featured on the INC5000 Fastest Growing Companies List for 2015. You can view our INC profile here. What’s even more important than our own growth as a company is the growth of our city, state and region. Carrollton CEO Chris Reade was recently quoted in Biz Magazine. He spoke about

Carrollton CEO on Federal News Radio

This Tuesday, Chris Reade talked all things disaster recovery on the All Hazards Emergency Network show Disaster Resilience for America. Listen to the full interview below: Moran and Karney have years of experience working in disaster-related media. Chris called it a “breath of fresh air” to talk with people who “get it.” TIM:What is “disaster

Strategic Software Development: How Well-Defined User Stories, Acceptance Criteria, and Stories Can Save Startups Time and Money

When it comes to software development, spending extra time during the initial planning stages of a product build can save startup founders a lot of time and money in the long run. Here at LookFar, the Strategize Phase is a key component of what we do for this very reason. The more fully that everyone

Data Security is a Moving Target

Data Breaches are expensive. IBM cites the average cost of a data breach at approximately $150 per record, an increase of 6% over the previous year. In the US, it’s even higher, at $217. Many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) don’t regularly take the time to audit their IT and data security policies, which may

Blockchain 101: It’s Not Just Cryptocurrency

Excerpted from our sister company, LookFar, this video presentation covers background information useful to any organization or leader looking to understand what BlockChain really is and what it is useful for. Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, Ethereum… by now you’ve probably heard of this craze, but do you understand the technology that makes it all possible? It’s called